I spy with my little eye... gold and cherry blossom on my hands.

Winter (and chapped hands) is coming! Not that we would ever experience anything extreme here in Dubai but between the changes of temperature, the fact that we wash them 15 times a day and the weekly manicures, hands do suffer. And mine have a special aversion for petroleum, paraben, synthetic aromas, colours and all substances that give the impression of instant relief just to dry your skin even more on the long run. Therefore I was happy to discover Figs and Rouge, a little English brand full of peps and vitamins. They do mostly lip balms and hand creams, their range isn't huge but that's what I like about them: they don't do a lot but what they do, they do well. That's my kind of brand. I'm sure they will get bigger since the products are simple, effective and the packaging is adorable. I am currently using the Cherry Blossom Hand Cream, the texture is light and non-greasy, it leaves my skin supple and soft, and I can actually grab a pen right after, without it slipping through my fingers (happy editor!). One last thing: I like my Chanel n°5 to smell like Chanel and not Chanel mixed with some synthetic strawberry perfume so this very discreet and almost inexistent perfume of cherry blossom suits me perfectly!

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