I spy with my little eye... an afternoon at home with Flo.

Last week-end I hosted a few close friends to share the love and my grandmother's Quiche Lorraine recipe. There was lots of flour flying around, laughter, and inspiration. We clearly lost track on eggs and had to work hard on the pastry but it all came together and we ended up with 4 quiches as different and delicious as their authors.
We had cocktails and ice pimms pop and cupcakes with a side of stories while waiting for the masterworks to cook. I like my house to be filled with love (and good home made food).
Thank you to L. for helping with the pictures.

N. getting ready for some cooking action.

 Sharing recipes and aprons. Happy birthday L.!

A. happened to have the smallest, pinkest mixer. So cute!

M. mastering that crust.

Yours truly tidying up.

Marc Jacobs flats and drinks work well together.

Hello birthday cupcakes!

M. and her very tasty "witch quiche". It's all about style.

A. and her perfect quiche. I have rarely come accross such a perfectionnist cook, amazing gal'.

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