I spy with my little eye... a coffee with gallery director Meagan Kelly-Horsman.

I can't even remember when exactly I met Meagan. It feels like she's always been around somewhere. She's one of those ladies that forces admiration. She is opinionated, strong, and absolutely hilarious. Currently, her britishness bosses around the XVA gallery in DIFC. She deals art and artists egos. She's an excellent cook and baker, she has a golden heart and knows exactly what she wants. She's one of my favourite people and I am sure you will all love her too...

HOB: If you could live in a painting, which one would it be?
M.K.H.: Vir Heroicus Sublimis by Barnett Newman: it's in the MoMA permanent collection and I always see it whenever I visit NY. 
"It's no different, really, from meeting another person. One has a reaction to the person physically. Also, there’s a metaphysical thing, and if a meeting of people is meaningful, it affects both their lives." Barnett Newman

HOB: If you could live in a different era, which one would you pick and why?
M.K.H.: The future so I could get around by teleporter. One hates public transport!

HOB: What piece of clothing reminds you of your mother/father?
M.K.H.: Ferragamo pumps or Via Spiga heels always make me think of my mother. She loves shoes and these have always been her favourites. 

HOB: What scent takes you right back to your childhood?
M.K.H.: Freshly cut grass on sports day, downy fabric softener on my clothes, chlorine. 

HOB: When do you feel on holidays?
M.K.H.: Life in Dubai means every weekend feels like a vacation - the beach, the pool or just meeting friends for dinner, there is usually a holiday vibe. But my dream escape is always Sri Lanka, I have been 5 times and still want to to go - the people, the scenery and the food are all out of this world. 

HOB: What designer would you take with you on a camel ride?
M.K.H.: It would have to be the ubiquitous Vivienne Westwood. She looks like she knows how to have a good time! 

HOB: Your favourite recipe to make?
M.K.H.: It's got to be my sisters famous Kelly-Bruns recipe for Banana Bread. Its easy as pie to make and tastes wonderful. I make it once a month for a treat.

HOB: Best piece of advice you were ever given?
M.K.H.: Don't regret the things you do, only the things you don't. 

HOB: What book changed your life?
M.K.H.: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. I was officially obsessed aged 7 and know the story off by heart. It taught me to use my imagination, that witches are scary and sometimes, beavers can talk. 

HOB: The movie you've watched already 30 times but might watch again tonight?
M.K.H.: I have a few favourite movies but have to say series are more my thing - I love trashy CSI-esque crime dramas like The Mentalist; as well as funnies like Arrested Development and 30 Rock. 

HOB: Three favourite spots in Dubai?
M.K.H.: 1. My balcony - perfect for snoozing, reading, snacking, chatting, board games, singing and dancing. 
2. Real Pilates in Jumeira 1 - I go twice a week and can't get enough. 
3. Royal China in DIFC - I am addicted to dim sum and they have a fantastic award-winning bartender that whizzes up an excellent Lychee Martini.

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