I spy with my little eye... a future retro Collection by Vuitton.

Oh Joy! Since Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby blew every aesthete's mind, the retro style is back. Even Louis Vuitton surrendered and concocted a soft and cosy, yet delicate A/W 2014 collection. If you have been following me, you know that I am not lying in wait for the latest trend and I don't need to have a huge double C or LV on my bag. It doesn't mean that I don't follow what happens in the wonderfully twisted fashion world. I do, and when I spot something that fits HOB's aesthetics, I highlight it. I liked the subtle palette of colours in this winter collection: between pink, salmon, lilac, violet etc... The Salome shoes and Art Deco collar are very 1920's whereas the ready-to-wear and Peter Pan collar give more of a 1950's vibe. Vuitton went for a mix of eras that surprisingly works. 
I absolutely love knitwear (yes I do get cold during Dubai's winters, if you come across a lady wearing a coat and red lipstick in November, chances are you just spotted me), so this cosy angora top with a knee-length pencil skirt is right down my alley.
The only thing I would have to say is that it's a shame they didn't make the handle of their new bag longer because as it is, it doesn't go on the shoulder. 
More on this new collection here.

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