I spy with my little eye... the art of packing.

Like pretty much everybody here in Dubai, I love travelling. I love arriving at the airport, and feeling that my next adventure is a plane ride away. The only problem with travelling is packing. I used to be very good at anticipating. I would pile up the clothes I wanted to take with me a few days early, that would allow me some time to filter and reduce the titanic amount of garments (in theory I like to travel light, but I also like having options). Now I've observed that the time you spend packing is inversely proportional to the amount of travelling. What I'm saying here is that I am becoming a man in the way I pack: I tend to wait for the last minute and actually time myself. Packing has now become an opportunity for me to get a lot of things done since I will do anything that needs to be done before I resign myself to actually put things in the suitcase. I also admire people who can plan their outfits ahead. I have no clue how to do that, I just throw things in the bag and hope for the best!
The reason why I'm explaning all of that is that I am flying to Beirut today for the week-end! Not sure I'll be able to   post from there so see you on Monday!


  1. Tu devrais jeter un œil sur les vidéos "Art of packing" de Vuitton, ne serait-ce que pour le plaisir des yeux ;)
    Passe un excellent séjour à Beyrouth ma belle !

  2. @Manal: Merci pour le tip, j'irai y jeter un coup d'oeil! xx

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