I spy with my little eye... a Saturday on Earth.

Yesterday through my eyes...

8am: Breakfast!

10am: Beach time! Thinking of rainy Europe and loving sunny Dubai even more!

12pm: We don't have seagulls, instead we have skydivers in Dubai.

2pm: Road trip with A. and a stop by a local supermarket.

Obviously was very tempted to bring one of these back home.

4pm: Still on the road.

6pm: Time to turn around and head back to Gotham City.

8pm: Cuddles with the P. twins. They are not one year old yet and crawling all around, spreading the love!

9pm: Aperitif on the Palm. Big piles of Thank You to the P. family for hosting us!

10pm: Skyfall, projected on the neighbours' wall, right above the pool. A pool, a movie and a drink. Best way to close the week-end.

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