I spy with my little eye... Spices and Cricket in a Kitchen.

So here is the round 2 of my Oberoi experience (remember the first round): after the international restaurant, A. and I got a taste of Ananta, their indian restaurant. We actually arrived early (yes, once in a blue moon you can find punctual people in Dubai, we are a rare breed), so we decided it would be the perfect occasion to try the Mixology bar, just to clear our palates of course. While we were sipping our (well performed) martinis, the whole team came to greet us. I said it on my last post but I will reiterate: they do make you feel at home and this is priceless.
When it was time to proceed, I remember we both agreed that the restaurant was spacious but cosy at the same time: there is space between the tables but the room isn't excessively big which is refreshing when you consider Dubai's tendency for excess. Now indian food is a tricky one for me because I haven't been to India yet but I am familiar with their cooking (even if I have to admit most of the time I don't know what I am ordering. I just go eeny meeny miny moe, which usually results in unforgettable memories). I love spices but I am also aware that it is, sometimes, a way to hide the poor quality of the meat. The reason why I am exposing my "indian cuisine" background is that I was expecting more spices in Ananta's dishes. I was actually surprised to be able to taste the fish and chicken. I realised it was my expectations that were distorted by my references. So now looking back, I would say that Ananta is a nice refined indian restaurant with quality products. I wouldn't be able to tell you exactly what I had for the simple reason that it was a blind menu, surprise of the chef!
How do I know that? Well because A. and I ended up in the kitchen, talking bread, pancakes and cricket with the chef, as one does.

A. and I cleaning our palates...

Gradation of lassis.

Farandole of sauces (and lassis).

More about the Oberoi here.

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