I spy with my little eye... a question of timing.

Timing is everything. I think we are all in charge of our happiness, but there is always a part of chance, timing, faith, call it as you want, that we can't control. Being at the right place at the right moment, meeting the one person that's going to inspire you or give you a chance, meeting a lover 4000km away from home in a random cafe... We all have at least one story we just can't explain. Well, yesterday I can't explain how my chicken blanquette that was perfect at 4pm when I cooked it, ended up being the most burnt dinner I ever served in my entire life by 8pm (well I might have an idea...). I took it out of the fire, I let it cool down, I warmed it up while having the entree, and by the time I had finish my salad, it had turned into a very tasty baba ghanouj. Timing is everything. In life and in the kitchen.
ps: My guests didn't starve, my french ancestors can sleep tight, the salad and apple pie were good and appreciated.

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