I spy with my little eye... lilac Make-Up.

I love garments. I love fabric and volumes and details. I am at ease and decisive with outfits but when it comes to make-up, I feel like Bambi trying to get up on his feet for the first time. I need Thumper aka my lil' sis to help me explore new worlds. Up until recently I could master one look only: mascara, eyeliner and red lipstick. That I could do even blindfolded. But a few weeks ago if you had asked me to try a smokey eye, you would have ended up parading in Dubai with a fancy vintage panda. If Thumper wasn't constantly throwing new products at me, and practising on my face, I would probably be clueless. 
Apparently she isn't the only one trying to educate me to the wonderful world of make-up as I recently received a box of goodies from Benefit. I am talking about it here because I actually really liked the products. The lipgloss isn't really for me as I go for matte lipsticks but the golden longwear powder and lilac creaseless cream work really well for spring. The textures are comfortable and light (maybe a little  too light as I had to use Nars eyeshadow to get some volume), and the packaging is right down my alley: very art deco. I am still clumsy with colours but this is me, practising...

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