I spy with my little eye... a lost in translation Father's Day.

I'm confused. When I lived in France, we would have the french Fathers day and the belgian Fathers day and I didn't understand why we would have different dates. A Father is a Father no matter the country, history, background or level of testosterone he has. Now that I live in Dubai I realise how naive I was: I have to navigate between the french, english, american, australian and lebanese Fathers Day. Now what happens if my father is french but lives in the middle east BUT, not is the same country as I do. Am I supposed to greet him on the french date, on the UAE one or on his? Still with me? Obviously I am completely lost in translation so I choose this day out of all the others to tell my father, this hero "Bonne FĂȘte Papa"!
My father's a man who buys flowers for my mother every Sunday, even after 30 years of being married. He is also a man who kept a living snake he found in our garden, locked in a jar for several weeks in our home: he figured it'd be better to know where it was, even if that meant in his bathroom, rather than have it running wild around his children. That's the kind of man he is.

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