I spy with my little eye... the challenge of the red Lipstick.

My lips have a BD and an AD. Before-Dubai: no lipstick, just lipbalm. After-Dubai: matte lipstick. Paris is so grey sometimes I felt even the slightest splash of colour might disturb the fragile fashion ecosystem of the city. I didn't want to be the one messing around with the holy Trinity: black/white/grey. Plus it's not very comfortable when kissing a Gentleman, which is something that might happen in the middle of the street in Montmartre (that is if you can avoid the tourists).
When I arrived in Dubai, the question of the kissing was taken care of as I wouldn't even think about it here. Very convenient if you ask me: means I can spend a whole night out without retouching my lips. Shallow but terribly true. And on top of that, Dubai is all about colour so wearing red was not as big a challenge as in Paris. 
That's how I came to grow a little collection of reds. My french roots tend to avoid anything shiny (and sticky) so no lipgloss for me but I like the liquid formulas that turn into matte. My last crush: Sephora's cream lip stain. Simple and efficient.
Life is what happens when I'm wearing red lipstick.

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