I spy with my little eye... a 1920's Doctors Bag.

I had been looking for this Bag for years. I think my whole Family was aware of the Hunt. In Paris, in London, in Glyndebourne, in the South of France, in Melbourne, in Sydney, in Vienna... It was always on my mind. Until my last Birthday, when my Sister told me during a Paris-Dubai skype session she had found one. In a bad state, but hey, that's normal for a 90 years old Bag, but still, she had found a 1920's crocodile (half destroyed) Doctors Bag. I can't tell you the state of excitement I was in for the following month until I finally got it.
She did well, she did wonders: she spent a whole month nourishing and rejuvinating the leather with body lotion, then she handed it to the Friend of hers who restores vintage Hats and Clothes so she could  redo the interior, and I can tell you they both did an amazing Work. Here is my little Treasure. A real vintage Doctors Bag, that could have been use, in the 1920's as a "Baise-en-ville", literally "Flirt in town", excuse my French but this is actually the proper name used for bags men used at the time when they were going for just one night in town. I love how French langage is so straightforward and full of usefull images.
A huge Merci to my darling extremely stubborn Sister!


  1. J'adore :-)
    Il est joli, classe, et me rappelle un peu celui de Mary Popiins ✭

  2. @Mely: c'est tout a fait ca, bien vu!


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