I spy with my little eye... a Parisian Cabinet de Curiosite.

When I was in Paris, I spent an afternoon with the talented Celia Nkala, one of my quikiest Friends, every meeting with her is surprising, we tend to always meet in the most unconventionnal ways. This time, she was painting a door while I was entertaining. She's an arty designer who created a plateforme for young artists: Perception Park.
Perception Park is about objects, it's about art, about listening, about watching, about testing, about projects, about perception, about design, about sight, about seeing, about idea, about materials, about experience, about painting, about opening, about sensations, about meeting, about pictures, about construction.
Celia's vision of Art is borderless: she mixes designers with photographers, videographers, musicians... Her own objects are in between Art and Design, between Bones and Porcelain... She works on experience, aesthetics, her work is disturbing, undefinable, simple, surprising.

At the moment you can reach her through her website, but she is working her very parisian Art Gallery, so I will let you know how it goes and when it opens.

For now you can visit her website and discover her work and fellow Artists here.

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