I spy with my little eye... a Happy, Healthy Breakfast.

Best way to begin the week-end is with a Breakfast at Lime Tree. It's probably the place that's the closest to my Parisian little Coffees in Dubai. I love the light interior design, healthy Pastries that are notcupcakety-full-of-cream cute, don't get me wrong, I love cupcakes, but I just don't need them to be covered with bright blue cream. A Pastry should be edible, and shouldn't look cuter than the Lady eating it. Therefore the big family Lime Tree cakes appeal to me: they are for real. Also love the variety of juices and healthy creative Salads. 
I would love the menus to change a little bit as they've had the same sandwiches for more than a year now. Or maybe it's just me being too used to the Fashion Seasons and expecting menus to change every Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer. Also the service can be a little slow when it's busy, but I don't mind going up and down the stairs to check on my order (I am not very good and standing still, especially when I'm hungry), it's good exercise!
Anyway that doesn't stop me from enjoying a coffee and a piece of cake or boiled eggs in the Morning, along with a Newspaper/Magazine, a Gentleman and Friends. So to all the Dubai readers: Happy week-end!

For the locations maps, click here.

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