I spy with my little eye... a new Season of Downton Abbey.

If you love vintage, if you like the aesthetics of the 1920's, and if you haven't heard of it yet, you will love Downtown Abbey. The Edwardian serie follows the life of a stately home and it's inhabitants in the 1920's. As always with this period of time, you get to see the two worlds: servants and masters. What is interesting about this story is that despite the classical social differences, there is a kind of connivence between the two worlds. There are jalousies and personal strategies, but there is also this familiarity between a Maid and her Lady, the sort of relationship you have if you were raised by a Nanny or if you've had a Butler in the Family for years. You also get to see the changes in a conservative society, a Lady who runs away with the Chauffeur, the misunderstandings between Britishs and Americans... All of that is, of course romanced, but the actors are very good, and above everything, I am amazed by the Decors and Costumes. I could actually leave the episode on replay on my projector, as if it was a Painting. Aesthetically, the work that has been done on that serie is amazing.

If you don't leave in the UK, you might find it tricky to watch the episodes, but if you can get a VPN, they are available on replay on ITV Player here.

More about Downton Abbey here.

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