I spy with my little eye... an Award winning Brunch.

The week end is a few hours away, time to plan! Without any doubt or hesitation: the Al Qasr is one of my favourite brunches.
First of all: it's civilised. Amazingly busy, yet, chic, refined and family friendly. You may hear a few loud Scottish Songs around 4pm (true story), but then who doesn't like a good traditionnal song to get into the evening smoothly?
Second: I do love the sparkling wine and prosecco flutes waiting for you at the reception, it gets me in a festive mood instantly.
Third: I can spend hours watching the general splendor. The crowd, the Hotel, the Food, it's a delight for the eye.
Fourth: It is probably the only brunch in Dubai you will need a map for. Yes indeed: there are so many food stations you need to take a full tour of the place before starting. It is not an option, believe me.
Fifth: The service is very good. You will never find your Glass empty.
Sixth: Whatever your mood, all the food is amazing.
Seventh: There are purple Dim Sum.
Eighth: There is live music. And who doesn't like to sing along between the ninth and the tenth plate?
Nine: The tables are expendables, you can invite as many Friends as you want.
Tenth: All of them (even your rugby team) will have enough to eat, and to eat superb Food.
As you can see I do like the place. It might be a little bit more expensive than other places in Dubai, but I'd rather not brunch every WE and do this one from time to time.

Al Qasr Hotel
AED 525 per person including bubbly
AED 425 per person without the bubbly
From 12.30pm until 4pm
For more information, click here.

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