I spy with my little eye... a Lebanese Dinner at Al Nafoorah.

Lebanese Food is obviously not a novelty in Dubai, but finding a good, light and tasty Lebanese restaurant is not always as easy as it seemed. I heard many times that Lebanese Food was heavy, my half Lebanese side literally cringes everytime I hear such thing. I've been eating French and Lebanese Food all my life and it seems like I can still fit in a size 6-8, so my explanation would be that:
1- all Lebanese restaurants are not great, just like all French restaurants are not amazing, you've got to pick them carefully
2- people don't always know what to pick: baba ghanoush will always be lighter than hummos, ordering is not as easy as it seems
3- there is a trick you will learn very quickly if you are familiar with the Middle East: you've got to eat slowly. I've been fighting with my Lebanese uncles, aunts, grand-aunts (thank you Mother for being different) for years to keep them from filling my plate in every 10 minutes. I've finally found ways to avoid monstruous 3 hours gargantuan meals: eating slowly so that my plate is never really empty "Yes of course I will taste that, let me just finish my plate." (which obviously never happens), and sitting as far as possible to my 100% Lebanese family (that's what works best).
That being said, I do love Lebanese Food and was very happy and curious when I got invited to Al Nafoorah at the Zabeel Saray Hotel on the Palm. 
First surprise: the hotel looks very very oriental, not a typical Dubai touristy Hotel. 
Second surprise: the clientele is very mixed, lots of veiled wWomen and families with Babies, quite a Family place.
The service is quick and smiley, there is live oriental Music, and the Food is very light (I actually had to ask for olive oil) and tasty. I was very happy to find Kebbe Nayeh on the Menu, one of my favourite dishes, not always on the Menus because it is raw Meat, better be careful. I had a lovely evening, and will probably be back.

Al Nafoorah at Zabeel Saray Hotel on the Palm
Tel: +971 4 453 04 44
Opening hours:
Everyday, Lunch 12.30am-3pm / Dinner 7pm-2am
For more information, click here.

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