I spy with my little eye... tasteful Cards.

I said it many times, Details are not just Details. A Thank You note, a Get Well card, these are little attentions that say "I care". But as much as I care about my people, I am not the Teddy bear type, excuse my French, but I am too Parisian: the "Marshmallow Style" doesn't agree with me... which makes my search for cards very tricky here in Dubai. It is nearly impossible avoid the bears, the hearts, the glitter, the puppies and to find a simple, genuine, tasteful Card. This being said, you can easily imagine how happy I was to meet Belinda at the My Ex Wardrobe last event: she is one of those ultra-active women, she's had 3 lifes already and is still going strong. She has a Fashion background, worked in Design, Management, Retail, Lingerie, she knows what she is talking about when it comes to taste. After her two children were born, the hyperactive Woman she is found herself designing the Cards she couldn't find in Dubai for Birthdays, Children Parties, Baby Showers... and before she new it, the snowball effect made it a Business. Thanks to Belinda, I can now find cards that suit my Parisian Style! And the good news: they are affordable!

To have a look at the whole collection and order Cards, click here.
And here are Belinda's good addresses in Dubai.

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