I spy with my little eye... a Fashion Event.

Ladies and Gentleman, this week-end, make sure to pass by Traffic Studio (179, Umm Seqeim Road) to discover the region's young Designers. Working for Fashion Houses in Paris, I felt so lucky to meet the new generations of Designers: so much energy, inspiration, aspiration, impatience, work, exhaustion, mess... I have a huge respect for these young people and I am happy to follow them and watch them grow, one of my favourites is Florem Oito. The brand was created by a very stubborn and talented young Lady with a fierce sense of humour. I loved seeing the hilarious Heline making her first steps, the anger, the late hours, but also the joy of the first contracts. I love her style, very simple and delicate, full of details, just like her. Have a look at her website here.
That tells you how fascinating young designers are to me. They are also a great way to sense the new trends and get inspiration, so this week end I will definitively pass by Studio to meet the 30 young Talents exhibiting their collections, Women and Men Wear. A few names might ring a bell: Blush, Boucle, Lisa Widemann, Nialaya, Shoreditch Muse, Sugar Vintage, Specs Addict (love their work, remember this post), Tamara Al Gabbani, The Press Room... 

Traffic Studio
179, Umm Seqeim Road
Thursday 13th Sept: 7pm - 10pm
Friday 14th and Saturday 15th Sept: 12pm - 9pm
For more information about the event, go to their Facebook Page, click here, or to their website here.

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