I spy with my little eye... delicious Meat at Gaucho.

Last time I went to Gaucho, the Argentinian cuisine restaurant in Dubai, especially known for it's Meat, it was for their opening night (remember my post), the Food was already delicious but they were still trying to find their feet, so I thought I would give it a go more or less a year later. As always with Dubai restaurants, there is a lot of logistics, getting into Gaucho involve a whole Ballet of Ladies in Black, but we reached our Table quite quickly and smoothly. I like the high Ceilings and the Spaceship Lamps, its all very Sci-Fi. The Music was a little bit loud: the Gentleman actually moved to seat next to me while we waited for our order as we couldn't hear each other. That being said, I really appreciated the Staff's reaction when I asked them to lower the Sound, they immediately agreed and actually did it, thank you for that! The service is smiley and sweet, very efficient and discreet at the same time. 
Now talking about Food: Gaucho is probably one of the safest and healthiest options in Dubai in my opinion. I had a Fillet with Tomatoes, Chips and Spinach. The Meat was extremely tender, great quality, as always when it comes to Argentinian Steaks, the veggies were firm, not too cooked, not soaked in a sauce. Quality Meat, a good Variety of vegetables, the sauce is optional, my palate and figure definitively love it. An other important box to tick: Gentlemen do love it.

DIFC - Gate Village
Tel: +971 4 422 78 98
Opening hours:
Saturday to Tuesday from 11.30am until Midnight, Wednesday to Friday from 11.30 until 2am
For more info, have a look at their website here.

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