I spy with my little eye... a new Rendez-Vous with Specs Addicts.

If you are following, you know how enthiusiastic I am about Specs Addicts, the retro Glasses/Shades brand that just arrived in Dubai and that is growing, growing, growing (click here to read the National's article about them)! Well I met with the lovely Colette yesterday, and I cannot wait for the new collection to be out! They keep on launching new designs, for Ladies but also for Gentlemen, so whether you are in a 1950's or 1980's Mood, have a llok at their website, it is full of inspiration!

Important piece of information for readers all over the World (Bonjour Paris, Hi Beyrouth!): they do prescription Glasses and Shades, and they ship worldwide for free!

Pictures of my pair to come...

To get a Retro Look, visit their website here.

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