I spy with my little eye... a new Meeting of the DLBC.

Back to school, it's reading time, tonight we are gathering for the DLBC (Dubai Ladies Book Club) first Meeting of the season! And we are beginning with a Classic: Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde, by Stevenson. Double personality, beast instinct, dark side... interesting conversations to come.
I personally was a little bit disappointed, I think the story suffers from the fact that everybody knows it, there is no surprise anymore and the whole point of this novel was to play on one's imagination so reading the book, you don't get more details about the how and why. That being said, I enjoyed the style and it was perfect to read next to a pool in the South of France last Summer! 

Illustration from the 1880's.


  1. Completely agree with you - kept thinking how much better it would be if I didn't know the outcome. And then wanted more detail on how things worked!

  2. What an excellent book club!


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