I spy with my little eye... the reopening of the 360.

Last week-end was the pre-opening of the 360. What a beautiful venue: in the middle of the sea, like a little peninsula. The experience starts at the Pier with a buggy who picks you up, and you are on for a 10 min drive. This is easily doable by Foot if you ask me but it seems like a lot of people wouldn't agree as there were at least 20 people waiting to get picked up. I am always amazed at how people forget how to use their legs in Dubai. Once there, you get greeted with a smile and you have the option between a table inside or outside (pick one and stick with it otherwise you might get asked a significant amount to switch). The inside is very purple and gold, it gives a rich oriental touch, balanced by the house music. The service is effective and quick, what is there not to love in Champagne? Note that if you want a table, whether inside or outside, you will need to spend AED 6,000 as a minimum. Although the inside is perfect during Summer when it's too hot and humid to be out, I (and everybody will) recommand the open first Floor that has this amazing panoramic view on Dubai. Perfect for a chilled evening or to show the City to visitors. If you stay there for a while, you can grab a bite, there is a selection of Asian bits to pick, and the place being quite spacious, it's easy to get carried away and spend the whole night dancing and toasting the Burj al Arab.
I will definitively be back.

360, Jumeirah Beach Hotel
Jumeirah Beach Road
Tel: +971 4 406 89 99
Opening hours: daily from 6pm to 2am.
Fot more information, click here.


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