I spy with my little eye... a good Mani-Pedi.

I am usually really bad at Mani-Pedis. Two reasons for that:
1- I have been doing it myself since I was a Teenager, so why would I ask someone to do it if I can manage?
2- I can promise you it will be chipped before I exit the Salon, I just can't stand still.
So I usually have a Mani-Pedi when I want to catch up with Friends: it's the one moment when none of us is going anywhere and you can actually have a full conversation, and such a Dubai thing to do.
Obviously after the Summer, now that we are all coming back, there is a lot to be shared, perfect timing for an appointment to Nailspa! 
It's quite easy to get an appointment, the place at Dubai Mall is small and cosy, full of Ladies. They offer gel and regular mani-pedis (Essie nailpolish), along with waxing, eye-brows, and massages. No gel for me, a regular nailpolish, along with a good Friend will do.
Every Lady who's been in Dubai will know about it, but for the new-comers, it is a good address, very affordable.
I was in an Autumn Mood so I went for white Linen on Toes and taupe Cocoa on the Hands.

For more info, click here.

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