I spy with my little eye... the Back Room of the XVA Gallery.

Yesterday I was at the XVA Affordable Night, so many good pieces and a good arty Crowd! Very tempting Photographs and Painting and interesting pieces of Jewellery from the XVA Hotel Boutique, stones stones stones! 
I do love the ambiance at the XVA, always welcoming, smiley and fun. Moreover I got lucky yesterday: I got a tour of the back room. So many Treasures!
My Father always collected Paintings and Sculptures, so when I was young, he used to find Galleries and Artists Workshops wherever we went: New York (gosh I still remember that endless walk in Soho, we stopped at each Gallery!), Indonesia, Syria, Lybia... I have pictures of myself as a Baby, being given the bottle by a French Painter. I did spend a lot of hours surrounded by Paintings, and we are now missing space on the walls of the French Family House. Now you can easily imagine how confortable I fell in the XVA Cave. Thank you for that trip down memory lane M.! And thank you to the whole team for hosting us yesterday!

For more information about the XVA Gallery, click here.

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