I spy with my little eye... a Vintage 1950's Red Hat.

This little Treasure i found in Paris, in one of my favourite Shops: Mamie.
I used to live in Montmartre surrounded by Vintage Shops and Flea Markets (and tourists, let's be honest), and one thing I learned very quickly is that not all Thrisfshops are good Thrifshops. If you want real vintage, not just kilos of high street cheap kinda retro items, then you have to be very demanding and not lose you time with medium quality Boutiques. That applies essentially to Paris because in the countryside, they usually don't bother getting kilos of clothes delivered, they manage with what people sell them, and that's where you can find unexpected Treasures. But in Paris or any big city, I don't compromise, I get a quick look, and I know if I want to actually spend time in the Shop or not. A good indicator for me is the way the Salespeople look. At Mamie, you can find them knitting, the hairdo's are always very 1940-50's, Mustache for the Gentlemen, red Lipstick for the Ladies... And they know exactly what they have in stock. The cinema often turns to them for costumes and accessories. And I often find a new Hat there.

Mamie and Mamie Blue
69-73, rue Rochechouart, 75009 Paris
Metro Anvers
For more info, click here.

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