I spy with my little eye... a confirmed Crush.

It's official, I love Specs Addict. The Frames I knew I liked, but the more I get to know Colette, the founder of the Brand, the more I like it: Australian and French, stylish, full of good energy and good ideas and so sweet! Stylish and practical at the same time: they do correction glasses and sunglasses, you can upload your picture on the website and virtually try the Frames, the delivery is free in Dubai... It is so easy you would almost forget you're in Dubai, Colette brings a little bit of Europe and Australia's way of life in Dubai, and I am very thankful for that. 
Watch out for their new collection, between the MEW event when I met her two weeks ago and last week-end, she already had new designs!

Have a look at their website and pick your new shades here.

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