I spy with my little eye... an Organic Restaurant.

So I tried the Organic Cafe in the Greens. I kept on passing by and not knowing if I actually wanted to go in, so when a Friend working nearby suggested lunch, we decided it would be the perfect occasion to actually take a seat and soak up the good vitamins.
I liked the spacious and light interior, that was cosy, made us feel like we could have a real conversation without the whole restaurant listening. The Menu is quite straightforward: Omelets, Quiches, Salads and Sandwiches, nothing extravagant, just good simple Food. I have to admit that the Salad was very disappointing: no real flavor, no surprise, just green Salad, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Peppers... I like to mix it up with Cheese, Olives, Spices, Pine Seeds, I like to put mustard and 2 different vinegar in my Salads... As my Mother puts it: "You just open your fridge, see what you have, put everything in a Bowl and mix", therefore the very simple Salad looked kind of sad I found. But the Club Sandwich was very tasty, just what it ought to be.
I will note that the Service was not very responsive and quite disorganized (which is not something you want when you are in a rush on your lunch break). All in all a medium experience. not sure I would go back unless I find myself in the neighborhood.

The Organic Cafe
In the Greens, near Emaar
Telephone: +971 4 434 05 77
For more information, click here. 

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