I spy with my little eye... a vintage 1950's Hat.

You know it by now, I love, collect and cherish vintage Hats. And I came back from my European Holiday with three new additions from London. I already showed you two of them, here is the last one, it comes from that amazing Shop in Brick Lane: "This shop rocks" (remember this post?). Well trying on every Hat, challenging myself not to break anything in the tiny Boutique, and chatting for an hour and a half with the wise Milliner, he disappeared for a moment, and came back with a Hat I hadn't seen. "This is from the back shop, I am sure it will fit you, you have the face and the Eyes for this kind of Hat, try it", so I did. It's a very fragile 1950's Piece, very Gina Lollobrigida, it says Beach, it says glamour, it says Italian evenings, I loved it instantly. I have seen a few Hats through my Thriftshopping, but I had never seen this shape before in a regular shop. "It's the kind of little treasures you keep until you fond someone who's passionate about it" he explained, and then added "If you have any problem with your Hats, please, bring them back to me, I will fix them". I cannot thank him and recommend him enough. If you ever go to London and have time to pass by Brick Lane, make sure to visit that Shop.

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