I spy with my little eye... a creative collaborative of Talents.

I discovered Shoreditch Muse at the Traffic fashion week-end event. To make it short, it's a collaborative of creative fashion designers Deborah Henning created a few months ago to bring a little bit of her Fashion taste in Dubai. Shoreditch Muse is kind of a platform for Hub for emerging Designers, from all over the World.

My little eye spied very unique rings by Jade Mellor. Love the organic work on stones and the idea of a one unique piece.

Innovative and bright Necklaces by Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer. Love the mix of material, and the soft colours, interesting work.

Soft scarfs and leggings by Phannatiq. The leggings are not for me but I love the scarfs and the colours suit my Parisian self a lot!

I am very much looking forward to following Shoreditch Muse and being surprised by the new additions.
To buy, have a look at the colections or reserve an item, visit their website here.

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